FARMERS ARE RIOTING IN FRANCE!! Protest went up in flames

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Mar 27, 2021

Today’s episode is a little bit different for you, as I take you too the town of Clermont Ferrand to show you the farmer’s protest. After 500 tractors rolled into the city centre, they explained that the PAC (suckler quota) was to get a major cut by 2023. They spread muck Infront of government buildings, dumped rubbish and hug dead rats on the door. By the end of the demonstration everybody was eating and drinking, it was the calm before the storm as when finished their midday meal, the riots began. They knocked lampposts, set fires and messed up the town, whilst police were ready for these riots, everything still got out of hand and the police started throwing gas bombs at the protesters to gas them back to the city centre as they were trying to spread over the rest of the town. hope you guys enjoy the video.

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Author: Jesse

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